Hey Matt looking to begin creating a Campaign Setting, any key suggestions you might have?

Blood Hunter: when it says Crimson Rite can be activated on a single weapon as a bonus action is that a single weapon total or single weapon per bonus action?


Is Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount a good starting point? Or are we better suited to sticking to some of the more traditional starter adventures?

Question about the Echo Knight, can you switch places with the echo if you are using the echo avatar feature?

RAI, with the Echo Knight, is it supposed to be susceptible to Fireball? How about Shatter?

When casting Temporal Shunt at 6+, if one of the additional creatures is concentrating on a spell, are they able to maintain concentration through time?

The Echo Knight’s echo, does it count as a creature for the purpose of optional flanking rules and as a target to spells and attacks?