2 thoughts on “Matt Mercer DM Tips – Building RPG Encounters!

  1. Glenn Van Den broeke says:

    Hello to whomever may be reading this, I’m a new player and have a question concerning 2 classes and would really appreciate some insight. A few episodes ago in critical role they discovered that the traveler is a fey being not a god, this seemed out off place to me because I thought only gods could give clerics their powers but then I looked at the raven queen who as a god is a warlock patron, my question is, could a god of trickery and chaos be a warlock patron or is it only the raven queen that can do this, because I love the warlock class but wanted to have Eris goddess of Chaos and discord be my patron.
    Sorry if this is to obvious to long time players but as I said I’m new to this, anyway thanks in advance.

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