Custom Lineage: characters who are part elf can get the Elven Accuracy Feat? Can customs use racial feats if it falls in line with their backstory?

What is the intention between Booming/Green-Flame blades requiring a weapon with a value of at least 1sp, when no weapon has a value below 1sp?

Extra Attacks: Can you move during the Attack action?

Does the Draconic Bloodline bonus language also apply to those with draconic origins like Dragonborn, or is it strictly for speaking with full-blooded dragons?

How does a character with Polearm Master and Sentinel interact with an approaching creature that used the disengage action?

In D&D, does Distant Spell work on a spell that has a range of self?

Bard question: If I take a cantrip with Magical Secrets, does it count toward my total cantrips known and do I get an extra spell known to play with from the Bard list?

Can you attempt to ride the Pegasus from your find greater steed even if you don’t have a saddle?