Is the Magic Tattoo Coverage table from Tasha’s intended to limit how many tattoos you can have at one time?

Does Barbarian rage prevent concentration on the Favored Foe feature from Tasha’s?

Rune Knight: does Giants Might’s growth effect follow the same formula as Enlarge/Reduce?

If a Wild Magic Barbarian uses their ability to restore a spell slot to a warlock, does it only work if they can hit the warlock’s only spell slot level on the d3?

Can the new metamagic option Seeking Spell be used on the Green Flame Blade cantrip’s attack roll after a miss?

What is the intention between Booming/Green-Flame blades requiring a weapon with a value of at least 1sp, when no weapon has a value below 1sp?

If a Peace Cleric uses Protective Bond, and the raging barbarian uses its reaction to take the piercing damage in place of his ally, does he take full damage?

Custom Lineage: characters who are part elf can get the Elven Accuracy Feat? Can customs use racial feats if it falls in line with their backstory?