Any insights as to what happened to Queen Amlaruil?

How then do brain and soul relate to ghosts and phylacteries? Figure a resurrection heals a brain, but soul comes back and then…what does it mean for relationship of brain and soul?

Sun Elves left Faerûn for Evermeet, but can Sun Elves still be found in Faerûn?

Could you give some insight as to why the Gods wont talk about Auramycos and why it resists all divine divination?

Have a player who wants to be a tiefling wizard whose backstory involves escaping slavery. What’s a location in the North that this might have happened?

Which country produces better merchants? Amn or Sembia?

Did Tiamat had another name in ancient times?

How divided up is the divine portfolio of lycanthropy among the gods in 1492 DR?