Have acolytes of Gond, tinkerers, smiths, or artificers set up amusement park style rides somewhere in the Forgotten Realms?

I was wondering if there’s any kind of symbol of marriage in Waterdeep, similar to rings in the real world?

Are dwarves and giants the only races that employ rune magic in Forgotten Realms?

Considering a scenario where Shala ended up implementing a totalitarian state after the Battle of Luthcheq…

What was the relationship between the ancient Netherese and the Sharn? They both opposed the Phaerimm, but were they allies?

Chessenta: would the temple of Tchazzar have been allowed to complete construction by the current year?

I have always liked the strongman archetype. Who would you account to be the Madeiron Sunderstone types in the 1490’s era of the Forgotten Realms?