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  1. TDog says:

    If a Path of the Giant barbarian uses Elemental Cleaver on a net to increase the range to 20/60 and it hits a creature causing it to be restrained, what happens when the net reappears in the barbarian’s hand? Is the restrained creature brought to barbarian with the net?

  2. When Multiclassing, if you get a weapon or amour proficiency from the new class you already have from your old class(es), can you swap those proficiency for tools per the chart on page 7 of Tasha’s?

  3. Hunkulous says:

    Are level 5 Warlocks (Level 1 Wizard Multiclass) with Tasha’s Cauldron Wizard Books capable of raising an army?

    In 5th Edition RAW, the Rare Libram of Souls and Flesh in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything grants any character with wizard levels the ability to add animate dead to your spellbook, and; ” which are wizard spells for you while you are attuned to the book “–this seems to make it so the rule “spells known and prepared” -isn’t needed (Which typically prevents these types of Warlock/animate dead combos from being done easily), as animate dead is a wizard spell. Crawford suggested in twitter that DMs should consider ruling that pact slots can only be used for warlock spells but he clarified that this is not RAW.

    With this, a level 5 Warlock, level 1 wizard, could reasonably attune to the Rare Libram of Souls and Flesh, cast and then recast animate dead. This seems bad, however; a Warlock recharges spell slots on a Short Rest. Which means that they can get infinitely more utility out of animate dead. (Which is why Warlocks can’t normally prepare animate dead, without being a level 5 Wizard.) They could cast Animatete Dead 2x every 2 hours roughly as a 3rd level spell, and a character with 9 levels of Warlock could begin to amass hundreds of possible controlled undead.

    If you disagree: Tell me the point where my logic breaks, I just wanted to make sure I had the fully correct RAW ruling for my players:

    1) A Character with 1 Level of Wizard can attune to a Libram of Souls and Flesh
    2) Prepare any Spell from Your (‘Level 1’) Spellbook after a long rest following the Wizard Spellcasting rules (Redundant, as a new character starts with spells prepared)
    3) “Replace” a prepared spell using the Libram of Souls and Flesh’s (T.C.E P 129) replacing a spell with Animate Dead, a wizard spell.
    4) Exceptions Superseed General Rules (Xanathar’s P.5) You do not have to follow the rules for “Spells Known and Prepared” in the Multiclassing Preparing spells section (Basic Rules), animate dead simply becomes a prepared spell due to the Libram of Souls and Flesh.
    5) Then cast the spell Animate Dead, (Basic Rules–>Pact Magic) as a multiclassed character with 5 levels of Warlock, using your Pact Magic. (even though according to Xanathar’s (‘Exceptions Superseed’) the requirements for preparing the spell were overriden) As this spell ‘counts’ as a Prepared Wizard spell, (which has Spellcasting(Basic Rules–>Pact Magic)) then according to the rules on Multiclassing Spellcasting, it can be cast with Pact Magic spell slot.

    Xanathar’s P5: “Exceptions Supersede General Rules”
    General rules govern each part of the game. For example, the
    combat rules tell you that melee weapon attacks use Strength and
    ranged weapon attacks use Dexterity. That’s a general rule, and a
    general rule is in effect as long as something in the game doesn’t
    explicitly say otherwise.

    The game also includes elements-class features, spells, magic items,
    monster abilities, and the like-that sometimes contradict a general
    rule. When an exception and a general rule disagree, the exception
    wins. For example, if a feature says you can make melee weapon
    attacks using your Charisma, you can do so, even though that
    statement disagrees with the general rule.

    TCE P129: Libram of Souls and Flesh

    The book has 3 charges, and it regains 1d3 expended charges daily
    at dawn. You can use the charges in the following ways while
    holding it:

    If you spend 1 minute studying the book, you can expend 1 charge
    to replace one of your prepared wizard spells with a different spell in
    the book. The new spell must be of the necromancy school.

    Basic Rules: Multiclassing –> Spellcasting –> ‘Pact Magic’

    If you have both the Spellcasting class feature and the Pact Magic
    class feature from the warlock class, you can use the spell slots you
    gain from the Pact Magic feature to cast spells you know or have
    prepared from classes with the Spellcasting class feature, and you
    can use the spell slots you gain from the Spellcasting class feature to
    cast warlock spells you know.

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