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  1. wal says:

    I know that there is a dnd container of some sort that you can put an object in it but only you can see it/remove it, no one can interact with the object expect for the one who put it in there

  2. Ferhargo says:

    Hey, got in an argument recently with another player about a “Smite Cannon” Paladin. The build is simple: A bunch of levels in Paladin, a single level in Warlock. Not because you can smite using Warlock spell slots, but because, according to my friend, all spell slots are treated the same when multiclassing. Therefore because Pact Magic regains all spell slots on a short rest, multiclassing into Warlock and getting Pact Magic means that all of the spell slots you get from Paladin ALSO recharge on a short rest.

    I’m saying that no, it doesn’t work that way, and only the Pact Magic slots recharge on a short rest. Pact Magic and Spellcasting are distinct in the Multiclassing rules, and otherwise you’d have things like Wizard 19/Warlock 1 casting Meteor Swarm every hour. But he’s only taking ‘official’ answers. So do you know of an official ruling on this?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. hunte006 says:

    If you use the feat dwarven fortitude from unearthed arcana do you need to successfully dodge to heal, or do you heal regardless of a succesfuly dodge?

  4. Marcin says:

    Hi, because I can’t find one and only answer to that question about the frenzy rage in barbarians Path of Berserker I’m asking it here.

    Does it take a bonus action or any other action to enter frenzy rage while already in regular rage mode? Or can I just declare after 1-2-few rounds that I enter frenzy (because fight seems to be harder than in the beggining f.e.) and stay in this condition until my rage ends?

    I saw few opinions that it takes a bonus action/free action/ or a rage point that I’m just not sure right now.

  5. Marcus Freire says:

    Does an animal need proficiency to use armor? (Barding Rule) If is needed, downtime training would be ok?
    How much?

  6. Kazin says:

    If a druid wild shapes with the belt of giant strength, it will make your bear have 21. How will this effect your wild shaped bears +to hit and +to damage? Or even an app wearing the belt.

    • Kazin says:

      An app has struggled 16 (+3). With the belt it would have street 21 (+5) making it’s fist attack +7 to hit and (1d6 +5) dmg. Right? This is how we have been playing it.

    • When a Druid uses his Wild Shape he has three options regarding equipment: drop it, merge it to the new form, or wear it. When a piece of equipment is merged the Druid can’t benefit for it, and the DM has the last word about what piece of equipment can the beast shape wear since equipment doesn’t change size.

      Following your example, as a DM I’d rule that a bear is “too fat” to wear a medium sized belt.

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