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  1. Obama White says:

    HAMMER OF THUNDERBOLTS, if the thrown distance is 20/60 and on hit “everything” withing 30 ft of the target has to make a dc17 con save or be stunned, so you will always have to be at disadvantage to hit, in order to not be hit with your own stun.
    Is this right? Or was there an updated version somewhere I need to look at?

    It just doesn’t seem right. It’s like only being able to use a wond of fierballs with a range of self…

    • Obama White says:

      Yes ,if the spell fails they know a spell was cast on them, when dominated you know the spell was used, but can’t do anything about it until you save. And the caster is your closet friend. That you would never think of hurting.

    • Obama White says:

      The ability will say what components are needed, as far as your focus it is only in your mind, and anything passive doesn’t need components.

  2. Alex says:

    Question at my current campaign. Does a warlock’s “Devil’s Sight” work through most magical darkness, such as that of the fog cloud spell?

    • Obama White says:

      Fog spell makes things heavily obscured, effectively making everyone inside blind.

      Devil’s sight allows sight in the absence of light.

      Fog, smoke , and dust storm ect. Still block the ability to see. By making the area heavily obscured.

  3. Orgun says:

    hi here is couple of questions i have been pondering
    what would happen to trolls regeneration ability when it turns undead?
    did i understand correctly if i read that chill touch spell gives undead creatures disadvantage? what would be logic on that?

    • Anguis says:

      DM discretion. Either not have it or when the troll is raised as undead it will have hit points and thus regenerate hitpoints as before death.

      Chill Touch…the writting is akin to the Undying Warlock class feature Among the Undead. Again up to DM for flavor but could be that it is confused if the caster is living or undead….or that it naturally is put off by necrotic energy…or it is fearful over the casters ability to use necromatic power…

    • Obama White says:

      In reference to chill touch, the hand that is created by the spell stays attached for the round, you could interperat the hand is making it hard for full mobility when being hostel to the caster.
      That’s why the disadvantage ont effects the undead when targets the caster.

      Kinda like a necro shock collar.

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