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  1. Brandon Jones says:

    Shape water can freeze water, and animate water. Is it possible to produced a spiraling inclined plane around a poll, freeze it, then animate it that is rotates like a drill? Further more, if the above is possible, would you be able to use it with Holy Water, and use that as a piercing weapon against a vampire like Strahd Von Zarovich to stake his heart?

  2. Ramon Bergsma says:

    If a published source mentions that a permanent effect can be dispelled with a successful dispel magic, and a target DC, does casting dispel magic with a higher level spell slot have any effect on the DC?

  3. D&D 5e Blade Barrier spell question: Does it have to be anchored on the ground? It says range of 90 feet. I’d like to place a circle around the party, but start it 10 feet above our heads so we can move around still. The idea is to protect us somewhat from flying monsters. Thanks!

  4. Jeremy says:

    In your opinion is there a good way to utilize the artifice as a healer for a group of adventurers?

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