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I’m just a librarian that collects and study designer answers.

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  1. Orgun says:

    i know that most wishes will be granted more or less twisted (never heard one granted as wished)
    if i were granted one i would probably wish some non-combat spell that does not belong for my class (sorcerer) to use as daily power or some “minor” power like talk to animals, learn origins of item by inspecting and focusing on it or something else good but nothing gamechanging powerful
    how you would twist those?
    what would be best&safest wish even with twisted?

  2. Law says:

    What spells or blessings you would use to protect a wooden plate or tomb (about one to two meters big tall & wide) with historically important text or curvings on it? In this case it should also – as a public attraction/monument – be visible to everyone and hiding isn’t an option.

  3. For Hexbalde Warlock, is it do able where you have a sentient sword that was given to you by your patron? Can that sentient sword be your pact weapon?

    Having a sentient sword that was once the patron’s weapon who is currently sealed in ice sent to a chosen hexbalde warlock. Is that possible or not?

  4. Steven says:

    Question on Prismatic Spray. The book states “Eight multicolored rays o f light flash from your hand. Each ray is a different color and has a different power
    and purpose. Each creature in a 60-foot cone must make a Dexterity saving throw.”

    Does this mean only 8 creatures are affected, as there are 8 multicolored rays?

  5. chris says:

    If a player casts enlarge spell does the damage from their weapons go to 2 dice instead of 1 since the weapons also grow in size

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