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  1. Chr. says:

    So a Storm Sorcerer moves out an enemies reach and the ensuing opportunity attack hits. The Sorcerer casts the Shield spell with his reaction and uses ‘Tempestuous Magic’ as his Bonus action, allowing him to move the 10′ [“immediately before or after you cast a spell of 1st level or higher”]

    Now, if the +5 to AC from Shield was enough to protect the Sorcerer the outcome is clear. However if the Op Attack was high enough to still hit his AC (and with following the timing of events) is the Sorcerer able to be hit? (since he is moving out of reach before he even casts the reaction spell that increases his AC)

    • Yes the sorcerer is able to be hit, because technically the sorcerer was already hit by the opportunity attack.

      Read the shield spell description:
      Reaction trigger: You are hit by an attack or targeted by the magic missile spell

      Therefor for you be able to use the shield, you must be hit, therefor he has already hit.

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