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  1. Obama white says:

    So I may be missing something here, but if you multiclass warlock 2/ sorcerer 2, would that let you use sorcerer points to make a spell slot, then break down both warlock slots for two points ,and make another 1st lvl spell slot? On top of the ones you have, then rest an hour and get both warlock slots back?

    If all that works what’s to keep someone from just taking short rests all night and having an extra 12 1st lvl slots going into the next day?
    (Beyond not getting the benefits of a long rest)

    PHB 101 talked about the limit on the points you can have, but nothing on being able to go past the number of slots you have.
    It never explicitly says that those are your maximum number of slots. Only saying that the slots shown on the table are what you have at those levels.

    • It’s MATH TIME! 😀
      A Sorcerer 2/Warlock 2 has a total of 2 Sorcery Points and a total of 5 first level Spell Slots (3 from the Sorcerer plus 2 from the Warlock).

      You can expend 2 sorcery points and gain one additional 1st level Spell Slot. Now you have 0 SP and 6 SS.

      Then you can burn 2 of your 1st level Spell Slots (Warlock’s, for example’s sake) to gain 2 Sorcery Points. Now you have 2 SP and 4 SS.

      Now you make a short rest to regain the Warlock’s Spell Slots. Now you have 2 SP and 6 SS.

      Again, use 2 Sorcery Points to gain one 1st level Spell Slot. Now you have 0 SP and 7 SS.

      Again, burn 2 1st level Spell Slots to regain 2 Sorcery Points. Now you have 2 SP and 5 SS.

      [rinse and repeat]

      It takes a friggin’ lot of time (in-game hours) to gain any benefit from that strategy. And it still has a big fatal flaw: it requires doing/abusing Short Rests. They require 1 full hour of doing nothing strenuous. So a smart DM that recognizes what you’re trying to do can throw a random battle DURING the rest to negate it. It doesn’t matter if you have been resting for 59 minutes: you have to start all over again.

      Short answer would be yes, you cand spend A LOT of time to do that thing. Another thing is your Master giving you time to do it. XP

      • Obama white says:

        Thank you!! And Yes a good bit of game time. But when your team is spending two days in town gathering supplies and getting info it could be a good use of your time.,XD
        So a follow-up, if you don’t mind at what point would those slots you made go away? You part about using SP to make extra slots doesn’t put a time limit on how long they last .
        And you get back spent sorcerer slots after a long test (as shown in the table).

        • Directly from the Errata: Flexible Casting (p. 101). The created spell slots vanish at the end of a long rest.

          No matter what you do, sooner or later you’re gonna take a Long Rest and those “extra” spell slots are going away. 😛

          • Snark says:

            DM: You have rinsed and repeated the short rest / spell slot exploit successfully for 15 repetitions. You now have 20 spell slots and two sorcerer points. But your companions need a long rest, at the end of which you will have 5 spell slots and 2 sorcerer points. Total gain, nothing. Please mark your daily rations and expenses off.

            • Posting this because technically (though I would not advice neither condone this) you can get around the long rest part by picking an elf.
              4 hours of meditation gives the equivalence of 8 hours of sleep, which is not a long rest. as long as at maximum every 7 hour’s your rest’s are separated by a strenuous activity (like walking an hour) you could potentially stack up as many sorcerer points as you have time for.

              • Obama white says:

                If your party needs a long rest, than couldn’t you just be on watch and every hour of rest make more slots. You wouldn’t get the benefits of a long rest because you were doing magic stuff, but you wouldn’t louse your work.

                So this question, because I’m not sure if it myself. You can go days without taking a long rest, What is the drawback to that? Besides not getting the “long rest” benefits.

                  • Not correct. Forced march, extended swims, less than 1/2 gallon of water per day, no food for 4 days, extreme cold, extreme heat can result in exhaustion. There is no rule that says you are exhausted if you don’t long rest or sleep.

                    • MrFF says:

                      So a Fighter with enough healing potions on hand can just keep going indefintely without any sleep whatsoever? Seems hardly realistic, even for a game where you sling magic into a dragon’s face.

                    • You can kill a dragon with tiny ball barrings in this game… just accept that some things don’t make sense, and if you want to house rule it, do so. But there is literally no rule that requires you to sleep to avoid exhaustion. Power naps FTW

                    • Obama white says:

                      Yes power nap FTW!
                      Also I luv that my questions have sparked some great conversations .
                      Thank all of you for your insight and different viewpoints on these topics. Yes rules as written, And rules as intended do sometimes have odd interpretations based on playing style of different groups.

                    • So the build is: Sorcerer 6, Warlock 3, Paladin 2. Infinite 5d8 smites and 4d8 heals. If you want to add insult to injury, take Bard 6 for any 2 infinite 5th level spells of your choosing. Animate Objects?

                    • Anguis says:

                      The PH does say that a Long Rest reduces exhaustion “Finishing a long rest reduces a creature’s exhaustion level by 1, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink.” So outside of magical means thats the only way, short rest wont cut it.

          • Obama white says:

            Thank you again! I should probably get around to downloading that. It should be on the wizards site right?
            I really hope I don’t have to get another PHB from a later printing. Lol although having an extra one to pass around the table may come in handy

  2. Cliff says:

    If I am a fighter with the Defense fighting style and a deterity modifier of -1, is my AC bonus of +1 from the fighting style cancelled out?

    • Zofi says:

      Depends on what armor you are wearing. Some armors use your dex modifier to increase your AC, but the heavier armors don’t. Check the PHB section for armor and it’ll tell you. If it doesn’t say ##+dex and just has a ##, you don’t have to worry about your dex mod affecting your AC and you’d get the fighting style as normal. If it does have a dex modifier on the armor, you would cancel out the fighting style boost.

    • No.
      You have separate effects that can give you a +1 or -1 (or both) AC depending on your situation, and what you’re wearing.
      Since the -1 dex only applies to natural/light/medium armor and the +1 only applies if you’re wearing armor.

      For example’s:
      no/natural armor: -1 AC
      Light/medium armor: they cancel each other out.
      heavy armor: +1 AC

  3. Kirk Powell says:

    Can you move while casting Scrying in 5e? Its a 10 minute cast time and by the nature of the spell, youd be stationary staring at the crystal ball, but by RAW I dont see anything that prevents that.

    • You are correct, RAW there’s nothing that prevents it.
      It uses the rules of concentration and that specifically even specifies that moving does not break concentration.

      Having said that, after you’re done casting (after 10 minutes) and you’re actually using the spell, it states “You can see and hear through the sensor as if you w ere there. “. So once you’re actually checking up on the person, you cannot see where you’re going, stubbing you’re toe for 1 damage or other environmental effect’s can break the concentration so I wouldn’t advice moving while checking up on someone.

  4. Obama white says:

    If you have more than one unseen servant do you have to give orders one at a time or can you order to both of them with the same bonus action?

  5. Steven Mooney says:

    Could I get a better understanding on the Elder Brains psychic wave ability. Can it chose creatures within 60′ if on the other side of a wall. I feel the creature knows exactly where it is and possibly sees it through another’s senses, that it has a link with. Players in my grouo state. It has total cover and cannot be targeted

      • In most cases you’re player’s would be correct, in this case however they are not.

        The ability (not a spell, Psionics are weird like that, see the mystic UA for interesting information about it) simply states that creature’s of it’s choice must succeed on a saving throw, so as long as the elder brain knows of that creature, it can in fact make them roll for it.

        Combine that with it’s creature sense ability, which allows him to know the distance and direction to each creature (int 4 or higher) in a 5 mile radius and I’d say that it won’t require line of sight, since it knows where the creature’s are.

        That said, it does still have to know about the creature in order to choice/pick it, so if your party has mind blank (nondetection or similair effect) then it would probably need line of sight in order to use mind blast on that creature.

        I’d also advice your player’s to look at the description of full cover, as it also explicitly states “a target with total cover can’t be targeted directly by an attack or spell, although some spells can reach such a target by including it in an area of effect”.
        In this case this of mind blast is an area of effect ability, and it’s targeted indirectly with creature sense, so full cover doesn’t matter.

  6. Obama white says:

    Would it be possible for an unseen servant to perform the help action in combat? The wording on the spell is similar to the find familiar spell. Specifically saying that it cannot “attack.” it would use my bonus action to command it to help.
    And if yes, than would a command to help defeat an enemy be sufficient for it to continue using the help action until the enemy is defeated? Without needing additional commands. It will continue doing the task until it is complete, then await further instructions.

    Thank you☺

    • Anguis says:

      Lets look at some things…first at what an Unseen Servant can do:

      “Once on each of your turns as a bonus action, you can mentally command the servant to move up to 15 feet and interact with an object. The servant can perform simple tasks that a human servant could do, such as fetching things, cleaning, mending, folding clothes, lighting fires, serving food, and pouring wine. Once you give the command, the servant performs the task to the best of its ability until it completes the task, then waits for your next command.”

      They cannot attack and they do not count as an ally/enemy. Also they act on your turn.

      Looking at Help action:
      “aid a friendly creature in attacking a creature within 5 feet of you. You feint, distract the target, or in some other way team up to make your ally’s attack more effective. If your ally attacks the target before your next turn, the first attack roll is made with advantage.”

      So no it cannot Help in combat to provide advantage as it does not count as an ally cannot attack and it shares your turn thus even if it was allowed it would work only with reaction.

      It could be comanded to create difficult terrain or affect the fight in other ways but not with Help.

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