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  1. Marcelo Mariozi says:

    Are the new prints of the core rulebooks coming out with the errata implemented? from what edition? how do we check it?

    • Funnily enough, this question is answered in the errata itself.

      In the sage advice compendium, in the Errata part (1st page) it states:
      “A corrected version of any of these books
      includes one of the following lines on its credits page:
      This printing includes corrections to the first printing.
      This printing includes corrections.”

      for more specific’s, please check the sage advice compendium and it specified links.

  2. Kazin says:

    With the feat “magic initiate” you gain 2 cantrips and 1 first level spell. The first level spell is cast at it’s lowest level and 1 time before a short rest. Do the cantrips have the same restrictions? Can a level 5 paladin cast vicious mockery at level 5 and as many times as you want?

    • The feat says you learn 2 cantrips, additionally (so it turns the next part into a separate section) you learn the level 1 spell with it’s restriction.

      So yes, if a lvl 5 paladin takes vicious mockery it can cast it as many times as it wants with the normal level restrictions (so 2d4 at lvl 5).

      Please note though, that the lvl 1 spell can be used afterwards with the paladin’s own spell slots (as you learn the spell) and you can cast it once per long rest with the feat (not short rest as you noted).

      • Kazin says:

        Yes, long rest. I miss typed. Thank you 🙂 so a level 5 paladin can cast a level 5 wizard cantrip without needing to be a level 5 wizard? That’s good to know, because as a paladin you don’t get very many spell slots.

    • Kyle, The question’s asked here are generally more rule or situation related. For advice or ideas on a character I would advice you to look for a forum, discord or something similar.

  3. Hello, I will keep this short and sweet. My cleric companion enjoys casting Warder Bond on my tank fighter. My fighter also has the feat Heavy Armor Master. Because the feat further reduces the damage that I take, wouldn’t the cleric also take the reduced damage count?

    • Obama white says:

      In a way kinda (yes-ish) , as in you the tank have two damage reducers in play -3 and resistance.
      When you get hit you apply everything that you do normally as page 197 PHB you reduce the DMG by 3, then take half the remainder.

      Your Clarice then takes the same amount you took.
      Ex: 25 coming in, -3 = 22, then 22 /2 = 11
      11 dmg to you and Clarice takes 11 .
      Because of you taking 3 dmg off you save your Clarice 1-2 points of dmg per hit (from rounding down with your resistance).

      *However if both of you have “heavy armor master” then your Clarice then takes 3 off of the 11 bringing there dmg to 8.

      **The new starter spells has a great cantrip to combo with this, 1d4+ability mod in temp HP
      So Clarice passes out resistance than healing word when needed and cantrips temp HP each round.

  4. I’ve converted a Ranger NPC from 2nd who wore no armor and had a Cloak of Protection +4. I carried that bonus over to 5th, but think it should lower. What would it convert to, a +2 bonus?

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