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  1. Rober_lpgc says:

    A simple question … a wizard or bard cast polymorph spell on himself … and becomes a beast of low intelligence, maybe 1 or 2 …

    My question is this: can that wizard or bard finish his concentration at will at any time?

    I understand that yes, but I give an example. With this intelligence I could not carry out complex strategies, and for that same reason, imagine that we are in the middle of a battle, and that strategically we are against a creature with which it would be more efficient to return to our normal form (to heal a fallen ally, or maybe our attacks are not very efficient against our enemy in this form of beast, or another similar situation)

    Could our wizard or bard finish the concentration of the spell at any time? or interpretively should I act like a beast of int 1 or 2 would do and act with basic tactics of threat and attack?

    Thx in advc

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