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  1. Francisco Gouveia says:

    If a revenant’s target is killed, but later resurrected, would the revenant’s Vengeful Tracker ability still work for that target?
    A while back I had a minor but interesting baddie return as a revenant to haunt my players after they had dispatched him. Although they have managed to keep him at bay the first time they encountered him, the revenant has sworn revenge against the four player characters that slew him, in a lack-luster way I might add.
    However, the question lies on the events that followed that first encounter. Since then, two of the player characters have died, and later resurrected with a Raise Dead spell. Since the characters were not slain by the revenant, and were brought back to life, does he still have to kill them both in order to move on to the afterlife? And does he still know the distance and direction to them, as reflected in his Vengeful Tracker feature?

  2. Kazin says:

    With Wayfinders Guide to Eberron being added to League play, we have a question about the Warforged race and the armor types. Can a Warforged Barbarian using plate go into Rage? You need a prerequisite of heavy armor, but it does not call the AC Heavy armor. So are you wearing the warforged armor, or is it a part of you? Also how would the warforged armor work with monk using things that say “while you’re not wearing any armor”

  3. The monster manual Sprite does only 1 damage with its shortbow, but my player’s handbook says ranged weapons add the user’s Dexterity modifier to the damage, meaning with its 18 Dex, it should do 1+4 damage. I understand that a tiny arrow probably would only do 1 damage, but is there a rule that backs that up someplace?

    • Remember: specific beats general. If the Sprite’s stat block says it does 1 point of damage, it does 1 point of damage.

      (seems my original comment wasn’t posted, so sorry in advance if you see a duplicate)

      • Specific does beat general, but that is when an amendment to a rule is brought up.  No specific rule is being stated here.

        Commonly, if a specific rule is implemented without being stated, there is a typo that needs to be caught or an explanation that needs to be written.

        When a specific rule is implemented, but not stated, things get hairy, because it leaves people guessing what the rule might be.

        In this case, I have a few guesses:
        1 – Maybe Tiny creatures use ability bonuses for attack rolls with weapon attacks, but not with damage rolls.
        2 – Maybe Tiny-sized weapons have that property (of using ability bonuses for attack but not damage) rather than tiny creatures.
        3 – Maybe the sprite’s specific weapons are magically using their own rule of always doing 1 damage on a hit, even if modifiers would suggest more or drop the damage to 0.
        4 – Maybe there is nothing to do with bonuses, and sprites themselves are simply enchanted to always do 1 damage with weapons they hit with.

        If we dont know Why the bonuses aren’t being used, then it can make things difficult when stuff comes up.

        -If that Sprite handed its  bow & quiver to a quasit what would happen?
        If the case is 1, 2, or 3, the quasit wouldn’t do any more damage than the sprite.
        But the specific rule isnt stated, and quasits have no such specific on their entries, so by the book the quasit would do 1+3(for dex) along with the arrow’s poison, just at -2 aim for lack of proficiency.

        -If the Sprite picked up a new weapon, what happens?  If there was a stated rule why the Sprite does 1 damage, that’s that.
        But by the book if you handed it a tiny crafted shortbow, it would do 1d6+4.

        I guess my point is that guessing isnt good;
        You can’t feasibly apply a specific rule over a general rule until you’re told what the specific rule actually is, you know?

        • You’re overthinking things, dude. A ball rolls because it’s round, not because Shub-Niggurath is mad at Thor because he ate his chips.

          A lot of tiny creatures deal 1 point damage no matter what their STR and/or DEX abilities are. Because they are tiny. Their weapons are tiny. The sprite’s attack may be named “longbow”, but what he is shooting looks like toothpicks to us. Of course a toothpick is gonna do 1 point of damage!

          This is the literal wording of specific beats general: «lf a specific ruIe contradicts a general rule, the specific rule wins». It doesn’t say anything about “being stated” like you proclaimed. Because there is no need.

          The Tiefling’s Infernal Legacy lets you cast some spells, even if you aren’t a spellcaster and don’t have spell slots. Does it state anything about those two last points? No, because there is no need for it.

          The Sorcerer’s Wild Magic Surge feature says «(…) the DM can have you roll a d20. If you roll a 1, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table» and the Tides of Chaos feature says «(…) the DM can have you roll on the Wild Magic Surge table». The last feature doesn’t say “(…) roll on the Wild Magic Surge table without rolling first a d20”, because there is no need.

          The Barbarian’s Unarmored Defense says «While you are not wearing any armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier» without mentioning your Armor Class without wearing armor is 10 + your Dexterity modifier. Because there is no need!

          So relax and chill. The Sprite (and a lot of other tiny creatures) deals 1 point of damage. Because he is tiny. And a challenge 1/4 creature (this may be an important point, though). Period. If your DM (or if you are the DM) wants to change the equipment of the Sprite, he (or you) should leave its damage as is or recalculate the challenge rating of the creature. Because it is no longer a regular Sprite, it is a new creature.

          • Doing 1 damage (rather than 4 with dex) because the arrow is a toothpick makes total sense!

            But when you apply the same logic to the longsword: the toothpick of a longsword does 1 damage because it is a toothpick (instead of 0, because of -3 strength) seems… illogical at best?

            A normal player with -3 strength often deals 0 damage with a longsword. (About a third of the time)

            So it just, seems weird.

            I can understand if the answer is something like:
            – “It deviates from standard rules with its bow as to nerf the damage.
            Contrastly it deviates with its sword as to buff its damage.
            Both because the designer said so.”

            But that kind of answer just feels icky. If that’s all it is, that’s all it is, I suppose.

  4. Emanuele says:

    Just a question about treasure storage: if i leave my gold piece in a bank is there a fee to pay for that ?
    How can i calculate it? Thank you

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