Help children with Zoltar SageAdvice! 💕


I need your help!
Children and cancer are two words that should never be met!

Sunday 17th Dec Il’be at The AdventurersCon Milano, the largest free event in Italy of the Adventurers League TM of Dungeons & Dragons TM, to collect donations for the Lega Italiana Lotta Tumori of Milan Italy.

This disease can also be fought thanks to a simple donation of at least € 10 for the project on the Educational Learner Activity of the pediatric department of the Milan Institute of Tumors.
Our ambitious goal is the collection of € 3,000.

If you want donate just follow this magic link:

In the play area and school, children are accompanied and followed in moments of play, recreation and study: board games, computer labs, graphics, painting, cooking and decoupage are just some of the activities.

Thank you for your donation!
This important game and donation initiative will be followed by others because even by playing you can heal!

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