The new official D&D adventure “FROM CYAN DEPTHS” – Free download!


This short Dungeons & Dragons adventure is written to suit four to six characters of 10th level. With this text and the core D&D manuals, you have everything you need to play. You may find the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide of additional use for its coverage of the High Moors of Faerûn—the chilly, grassy highlands where this adventure is set.

One power-hungry wizard’s search for an arcane and dangerous artifact has finally come to an end. He has found his prize. And so new troubles begin. With his newfound power, this villainous wizard promises to conjure castles for cold-hearted mercenaries and wayward armies who pledge fealty to him. These are the early days of a plan to wage war on the Sword Coast, and it falls to the characters to fight the wizard behind it before he musters an army around the artifact he pulled from the cyan depths of Highstar Lake.

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