If a Shadow Demon uses Shadow Stealth to hide in dim light, does its attempt fail if it’s being observed by a foe with darkvision, for whom dim light is like bright light?

Was Manshoon or Szass Tam ever considered for the role of Chosen of Mystra or indeed any other deity?

Can Bards take Dunamancy spells vía Magical Secrets?

What were the military forces of ancient Netheril like? Were they pure spellcasters or did they have other kinds of troops as well?

“The one who’s mad enough to think he’s a KING. Got it?”

What’s the reason that a non-monk character can’t use the second fist as a bonus action when it can already use that bonus action for any light weapon?

Paladin got an Attack of Opportunity and wanted to blast with a Smite? I said it’s a reaction and it only one melee attack