2004 Fun Fact: Eberron Campaign Setting

New Artificer Armorer, Circle of the Stars, Ranger Fey Wanderer and new infusions for the artificer! – Unearthed Arcana!

Unearthed Arcana presents three more subclasses for you to playtest: the Armorer for the artificer, the Circle of the Stars for the druid, and the Fey Wanderer for the ranger. Today’s article also includes some new infusions for the artificer.

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Is the Undying Court in opposition to the Blood of Vol?

Create Your Own Eberron D&D Adventures @ Dungeon Masters Guild

Matt Mercer, How much work do you do in between sessions preparing your players for the following sessions?


The first dice people used to play Dungeons & Dragons – by Jon Peterson

Instantaneous duration spells. Are they spells whose effect starts and ends right away? Spells that remain forever?