MtG D&D Art: Tyler Jacobson TIAMAT Auction

UPDATE: We are at $3500.00. Auction time. Well this was an unexpected preview today. I am honored to offer the original sketch for Tiamat the legendary dragon god of the Forgotten Realms world that will appear in the upcoming DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: ADVENTURES IN THE FORGOTTEN REALMS Magic the Gathering set. Picture of original painting is just for illustrative purposes and not part of the auction. It is graphite and prismacolor on an acrylic ground on 15 by 20 inch illustrations board . Starting the auction now and it ends at 11:30pm Eastern New York time on Tuesday May 11th. We are looking for a $1000 opening bid. Please bid in $50 minimum increases. Any bid made within the last 10 minutes of the end will cause the auction to extend 10 minutes from that bid time until there are no bids for a full 10 minutes. If I do not know you and you have no reference in the art market, you will be required to make a fully refundable 10% deposit (if you loose) on Pay Pal. This is for the safety of all bidders. Payment will be made directly to Tyler by bank transfer, or Pay Pal friends or family, or Pay Pal purchase adding 4%. If international, payment must be made by bank wire transfer. Shipping will be by UPS or Fed Ex and price will depend on final price and where you are located on this planet. Pm me, Mark Aronowitz. Thanks, Mark and Tyler Jacobson. PS. Tyler and I are taking offers on the original painting at the moment. It will be sold by offer at this point.

There are nine Jewels of Neverwinter as well as nine bodyguards to previous Lords of the city, coincidence?

“Xanathar Key Art” from the brief to the fantastic final illustration!

Kara-tur: Any new development on it?

In the Eye of the Beholder game, the original Xanathar’s lair was below a drow colony… How much would you consider canonical?