Has Manshoon ever adventured in Undermountain?

Preview D&D Candlekeep Mysteries harcover and flip through video

“Brand of Castigation” on the Blood Hunter class: when you wrote “You always know the direction to the branded creature” does that mean specific location?

Ruins Of Undermountain 3rd level, North end

Do you think is ok to a Tyr cleric to choose The Trickery Domain, or a Eldath cleric to choose The War Domain?

Are Red Wizards of Thay still creating and maintaining their enclaves after their civil war?

To your knowledge have any Lupin from the Mystara world made their way to the Forgotten Realms?

Custom Lineage: characters who are part elf can get the Elven Accuracy Feat? Can customs use racial feats if it falls in line with their backstory?