How do you see the Keepers of Blood from Faiths of Eberron, as there isn’t a mention of them in Exploring Eberron?

Create Your Own Eberron D&D Adventures @ Dungeon Masters Guild

Master Greenwood, How did you go about beginning the process of the creation of the Realms? Did you have a set of characters then wanted to flesh out the world?

Is Spellfire “Raw magic” the same as Silver Fire “pure weave” magic?

The official D&D adventure “A Verdant Tomb” – Free download!


Decades ago, a powerful wizard from a distant plane of existence came to the Sword Coast as an explorer. Here she adventured as an explorer, toiled in study, and eventually departed with her young son, back to their home plane of Ravnica. She was called Sylvene, and she left behind memories of beloved allies she met and befriended in the lands of the Sword Coast. Many of those memories were celebrated and commemorated with the construction of a grand crypt in a verdant land—where she hid valuable treasures. Now, those treasures attract not only adventures but the attention of her grandson, Tyreus, whose greed for power knows no bounds.

This short Dungeons & Dragons adventure is written to suit four to six characters of 9th level.


Have you any knowledge regarding the present state of Evereska, and most notably, the Hall of the Kaliesh’erai?

How does High Elven aristocracy function?

Baldur’s Gate in Minecraft!

Arkhan the Cruel & Varúlfur drawn by Richard Whitters for Joe Manganiello