5 thoughts on “Wizards should know roll before using Shield, cant ‘waste it’ from not knowing roll?

  1. Zoltar says:

    Epic Efraim

    DM can just say to player that, if he want, can use shield to protect himself otherwise “sorry, your enemy hit an high AC more than your shield spell can help”

  2. Richard says:

    I would disagree with this, as the idea is it is a ROLE playing game, and having been in actual combat (Karate matches), I never knew by what percentage of a number someone hit me by… the numbers are for us to manage the game, but the ROLE play aspect should take presidency over the game mechanics, and unless a spell has a “psychic” or “predictive” aspect (which this one does not), then it should be based on the characters perspective, which is they are about to get hit and they have a choice to try to avoid it by bolstering their defense (AC), or not.

    • Asmodejus says:

      But isn’t it just a game? In real life noone moves in turn right? So the answer should be mechanical in terms of the game and not trying to make it realistic because magic is not a very realistic concept.

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