Is the abjurer’s energy shield recharged every cast or only when at 0?

Is rogue Sneak Attack doubled on a critical hit?

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Eberron: When exactly was the Trust formed?

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Mask of the Wild differs from Skulker. Restricts to natural light obscurity. Can you advise?

Does a Polearm Master opportunity attack interrupt movement?

Does a polearm master opportunity attack interrupt movement?

It doesnt interrupt movement being an opportunity attack?

Ok so it works differently than a normal opportunity attack then, which interurpt before leaving your reach (otherwise target would be out) And thus not interurpting creature ‘entering your reach”, more reacting after they did. Polearm Master fluff say you can keep your enemies at bay with reach weapons is not really true if attack is when adjacent

Why distance discrepency opportunity attack provoke base on weapon? You said earlier reach weapon dont increase if not attacking?
Trying to get where yur coming from leave Reg opportunity attack with halberd when leaving your reach, creature is adjacent or 10 ft away?