“Lightning stabs forth from the gem floating nigh Wolf’s shoulder”

Is there still a way to make Mythals?

If an airship can be supported by either a fire or an air elemental…

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland want to host a D&D session with the Avengers!

Have you ever played D&D? “I haven’t, no, but Chris and I have been talking about setting up an Avengers D&D session,” Holland said. “Which would be amazing. We actually want to like film it, because it would be really fun. Not livestream it, because I don’t do…is this live? It is live! Oh ok, I’m really stressed now.”

The Hermit: A new ship battlemap!

DOWNLOAD NOW The Hermit Ship Battlemap

DOWNLOAD NOW The Hermit Ship Battlemap

One of my best friends has recently started DMing. He is really good at it, but he keeps comparing his games to Matt Mercer and then gets upset