There were means to destroy objects and magic items in 3e, many of which were rooted in legacy D&D things

I’m just wondering in the Forgotten Realms, who would use a tarot card deck (hags, soothsayers, mystics)? Or is this tarot idea an insult to realms lore?

Would you let a player play a neutral Oathbreaker Paladin if they really wanted to be a neutral oathbreaker paladin?

Would having a Katana that uses finesse and has the two handed property be too powerful?

Within a pantheon there may be, at most, one deity that is the most powerful, who acts as a balancing force for the others

How would you rule it? PC puts NPC into death saves with Sword of Wounding. At the start of NPC turn, 2 things happen:

What is the Alzehdo word for constellation?