How do you handle the dreaded woes of reoccurring writer’s block? What is your secret?

With any writing, creating more than you need in first drafts, and doing so without a self-filter, serves you best

I would prefer one game for exploration & survival & dungeon crawling

What happens to a character with the Fly spell if he is incapacitated?

Sage Advice: Master Sage Jeremy refers to “Flying Movement” at p.191 that specify that Fly spell (or similar) can hover creature if are incapacitated. Fly spell is in the PHB p.243

Can you create the Point of Origin for a Fireball within an area that you can’t see such as darkness or if you are blind?

I can’t wait to release first episode of our D&D actual play podcast!

What is the difference between Piergeiron’s Palace and Castle Waterdeep?