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  1. Jeff minnick says:

    I have an old school question:
    I played in the 80s and early 90s. I am trying to remember the creature that was similar to a doppelgänger, that attaches itself to you , gives you harder to hit bonus and luck (I think) but debuffs people around you. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  2. Nick says:

    I’m about to start playing in a friend’s campaign in Waterdeep. We are starting at level 1 and we are starting by essentially joining a gang. I often have fun by “breaking” my DM’s game. Which of these seems more fun/gamebreaking:

    Gaining these spells (with level)

    1st – faerie fire, longstrider

    2nd – locate animals or plants, locate objects

    3rd – clairvoyance, speak with plants

    4th – divination, locate creature

    5th – commune with nature


    Getting advantage on all spell saves and magical effects?

  3. Vetis says:

    when a creature’s ability that targets another creature says “untill the end of its next turn.” Is that the next turn the targeted creature takes or the next round of turns? The Neh-thalggu has an ability that says this and I can’t find clarification on the wording.

  4. Fabio says:

    When using a shield to shove, thanks to the shield master feat, can i add the +1/2/3 from a +1/2/3 shield in the opposed check?

  5. Hi !

    My party and I wondered about the 7th level feature of the Oath of redemption.
    At the end, we read “This feature doesn’t transfer any other effects that might accompany the damage, and this damage can’t be reduced in any way.”.
    So, my question is, for instance, if a side effect is conditioned with damages and the paladin transfer the damages to himself, do (under this circumstance) the side effect remain to the initial target ?
    Any thought, please ?

    • Hello!

      I think that it depends on the condition, really. I think if the transfer completely heals the wound, so it is as if it never happened, and that the condition could realistically need a wound to affect the body (ex. poison, particularly a contact or injection one), would cancel out the condition. But if it the condition isn’t wound dependent, then I would rule that the condition remained. At least, that is how I would rule it at my table. So, basically a DM call…

  6. Danny says:

    Looking at the One D&D UA stuff and wasn’t sure if I’d noticed an interesting interaction of feats and traits. I think it probably doesn’t work based on the wording, but not sure.

    Charger feat – “If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line immediately before hitting with an attack as part of the Attack Action on your turn, choose one of the following effects: gain a +1d8 bonus to the attack’s damage roll”

    Dragonborn breath weapon – “When you take the Attack Action on your turn, you can replace one of your attacks with an exhalation of magical energy in either a 15-foot cone”…and so on

    Would you be able to get the +1d8 on everyone you hit in the cone? Does replacing one of your attacks with a breath weapon stop it from counting as “an attack as part of the attack action”? Any thoughts?

  7. Curious in Indiana says:

    Hello, I have a question regarding the spell polymorph. If a caster has no in game way to know what a specific animal is (will use tiger from this point forward) such as a tiger, can they cast polymorph raw or rai to turn something into one?

    Hypothetical, there is a tropical island on the opposite side of the planet that no one on the world has any knowledge of. This is the only place a tiger exists, and no one on the planet has even heard the word tiger. Outside of this island, there is 0 chance that the concept of a tiger even exists. The caster in question lives on the opposite of the planet, on the main continent of the world. People do not travel extensively in this world. In this situation, without knowledge of what a tiger even is, can polymorph be cast to purposely turn something into a tiger.

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