Have the Nether scrolls been moved since their locations in 2nd Edition D&D?

Could you tell me about all of the different (semi)criminal organisations and factions in Waterdeep?

Would you consider the Realms Master a proper skyship? Or was its flight capability really just due to the astrolabe?

Characters will be hired to retrieve a magic item from a forgotten complex that once belonged to priests of Bhaal. What if they pillage these tombs? What will be the consequences?

Netheril was an empire, and empires have emperors. I’d always fancied that to be Ioulaum – a single unconquered ruler

Is it normal to find Volo really annoying? What’s the most annoying thing he’s done?

Is the yakfolk village on Mount Hamarhaast in the Ice Spires indicative of recent far-reaching northward Yikarian expansion?

One of the battles “resulted in over a hundred deaths, including neighbors and curious onlookers” and that there was also a carriage explosion… The Lords of Waterdeep didn’t do anything in response?