If mortals never embrace any deity in life, when they final face Kelemvor in the City of Judgement, what fate will befall them?

On your map of the Forgotten Realms, 2e or 3e, I can’t find a drain for the Sea of Fallen Stars. Does the Sea drain into the Ocean?

How is Elminster these days? Is he back to his old self?

Does Loudwater and Secomber have guilds or are they every merchant for themselves?

I just wondering if in the Eastern Realms, well the Kozakura area mainly, do they have Yokai?

I will use as background a sudden rise of Talos to the greater god

If Mystra begins to be worshipped in another world (another setting), does she creates a Weave there as well/bonds with the existing “magic system” in place?

Gunpowder, and even smokeless powder doesn’t work in the Realms, do you have a partial list of other chemistry-based, or physics-based, resources that behave differently?