Will your Thay be like the old Thay or new Thay?

How has Thay, given their hundreds of liches, not flattened Waterdeep by now?

Waterdeep: did the noble houses pay to be the namesakes of streets next to their villas?

Ed Greenwood is working on a Volo’s Guide to a city in the Shining South!

According to this tweet Master Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms, is working with friends to a legendary Volo’s Guide dedicated to a city in the Shining South. Which city will be? Eartheart? Cathyr? Chavyondant? Beluir?

How much of the torillian elvish language/alphabet do you have written up?

If there are sewers in Waterdeep, does that mean there are toilets too?

In which street of Waterdeep is the Aurora store located?

How Halruaa sky ships docks?