If a cleric of the Silver Flame from Eberron ended up in Faerun, would he keep his divine powers?

So how is the restoration of Myth Drannor going?

Is “The Mad Mage” mentioned in the backstory of the Chambeeleon Halaster?

Are there any great Gnomish existentialist philosophers my Goliath Eldritch Knight could name his Owl familiar after?

I’ve heard it’s possible to find information about your original vision for the Forgotten Realms. Is this an Internet Legend?

Can you recall when Houses Zoar and Gildeggh were ennobled?

I have a couple of questions: Who were the founders of Jalanthar? How does Jalanthar look in your ‘home’ campaign “at present”?

So a chosen of Illmater is on a lower level than a Chosen of Mystra?