Is there a game in the Forgotten Realms that is equivalent to Gygax’s Chainmail?

How did the Second Sundering effect Deneir, having written himself into the Weave to stabilize it during the Spellplague?

Is there an equivalent of the Imperial Purple from the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire in the Forgotten Realms?

I noticed that several places in The Border Kingdoms, Wearers of Purple are mentioned.

Has Bahamut physically fought on Faerun more recently than his death as Marduk in -1076?

What is your thoughts on the destruction of the Standing Stone?

Unforgettable East shows an unnamed lake in eastern Rawlinswood (now Dunwood). I’m curious if it has an official name?

I just found out Durnan was still alive, I guess due to potions of longevity? Any other humans from the Heroes Lorebook below jump out at to you as still alive?