How much the boatmen of the Sword Coast and the North charge, on the average, for transportation of people, goods and animals on navigable rivers?

First word that comes to your mind: Baldur’s Gate? Waterdeep? Daggerford? Mirabar?

How do Lord Bron from Iriaebor look like?

About Frozen Forest – pt2

If you had to rank Elminster, Gromph Baenre, Halaster Blackcloak, Szass Tam, and Larloch in terms of wizardry alone, where would you put them?

What’s Fzoul Chembryl’s status in the current Forgotten Realms? Any chance Zhentil Keep will be rebuilt anytime soon?

If Myth Dannor means “City of Songs”, what is the exactly meaning of Myth Rhynn locates in the Wealdath?

Does the symbol on the cover of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book mean anything?