Volo knows that his parents were murdered and for what reason?

Are there any winterbourne streams of note in Cormyr’s woodlands?

Planning a campaign à la The Great Race & The Chipmunk Adventure films: what cities, Lords’ Alliance or otherwise, would you include and why?

To which Guilds a person has to talk to if they want to buy a property in Waterdeep?

Is entering someone’s house illegal? I can’t find the concept of Home Invasion in the Code Legal of Waterdeep

Newest issue of the Waterdeep Sentinel

I’ve put a Shoppe in Waterdeep that specialises in Kerbabs, Drow Sausage Rolls and Meat Pies, Cormyrian Pasties and slushies…

Since the events that lead to shade enclaves return to the Forgotten Realms, has anything been done with the Karse Stone?