Are there any enclaves, major or minor, of the Dark Dancer still in Forgotten Realms, or have they all been killed off?

Wondering about the death of Syluné. We’re told she broke a staff of the magi to kill a dragon. Why?

My favorite PC is a Sunite, so I’m always eager for Sune lore.

“Draconic pride” seems like such an incredible understatement, then have you any other notable taboos to look out for?

Why would human sages ever have to debate the timing of historical events, when they could simply ask an elf that was alive at the time?

Is there any current reference information for Returned Abier?

What source material would you suggest to know more about Netheril and the lost magics of that Kingdom?

Does Laeral Silverhand have a go-to that adventurers are served when they’re in her home?