What was the relationship between the ancient Netherese and the Sharn? They both opposed the Phaerimm, but were they allies?

Chessenta: would the temple of Tchazzar have been allowed to complete construction by the current year?

I have always liked the strongman archetype. Who would you account to be the Madeiron Sunderstone types in the 1490’s era of the Forgotten Realms?

If “darastrix” is dragon in Draconic, and “darasv” is half-dragon, how are dragonborn called in Draconic?

Dragon Magazine says Astaroth was an Arch Devil/Baatezu, Treasurer of Hell. Powers and Pantheons indicates he was an abyssal demon lord. Confused?

The Mercenaries novella: the floating dancing skeleton monsters the pirate ship used for bombarding the opponent ship – what are then?

Have you ever pondered Mab and Titania’s role/place in the Forgotten Realms?

Where would I go about finding information on the destruction of the Griffon Tribe of Uthgardt?