I’ve been reading some old lore books and I cannot find the specialization of Ioulaum

What’s between Waterdeep and Rassalanter?

Why in the Forgotten Realms does magic not work ‘on the fly’? Why can’t spellcasters create spontaneous effects according to their needs?

Would a royal taster in a largely “good” or “neutral” court pray to Talona ahead of sampling potentially poisoned food and drink?

What would be the elven word for whip/lash (noun), please? What about for the drow?

While there are doubtless many petty rivalries and grudges between noble houses in Waterdeep, are there any that are truly epic?

The Weave Anchors

Asbravn town: the population is over 5000. Now isn’t that too big for a town of only 50 buildings?