How does the fertility rates differ among elves?

Ruins of Undermountain, ROOM #8: THE SINISTER STAIRS Who is the elf or who cast this spell and why?

Geographically how much is different between 3.5 and before Forgotten Realms and 5th Edition Realms?

Was Aragrakh used before the split of Toril, or was it used shortly after the split?

Can you tell us about any times the Cult of the Dragon tried to make a dracolich and things went awry in some other fashion?

About Jarlaxle Baenre the secret lord of Luskan

What is known of the elven realm of Rucien-Xan?

Why would Bane, god of tyranny, seemingly give up his greater god status to become a mortal again just so he could meddle more in mortal affairs?