What is like to be a sorcerer in Thay?

Waymoot: are there specific noble families that come to mind in the way the Wyvernspurs might if you were thinking of Immersea, or the Buckfasts if Thunderstone?

I had always wondered if all scripts on Toril are written and read the same or do some flow in a Japanese or Arabic style? Especially for the Drow Script?

What lore you can give on the House of Baerlaer of Arabel, and the layout of their home?

The Crazed Venturers campaign began c. 1978, and FR0 and FR1 seems to suggest that was c. 1340 DR

The perils of inquiring too deeply or energetically into the mortal pasts of deities in the Forgotten Realms

Is Velen still an independent duchy?