I have a couple of questions: Who were the founders of Jalanthar? How does Jalanthar look in your ‘home’ campaign “at present”?

So a chosen of Illmater is on a lower level than a Chosen of Mystra?

How common are public bath houses in the Forgotten Realms, more specifically in the Sword Coast and the North?

What’s a scramble-squirrel?

Does Waterdeep have anything similar to the Waldorf-Astoria where “celebrities” might rent out suites of rooms for long term residence?

Was Herne’s Wood, the Utter Eastern name for Sempadan Forest in Blood & Magic, named by the colonizing Ffolk/Northlanders or the indigenous Mar?

Is there an “old Elvish” language, or languages, in the Realms?

How do souls from the Forgotten Realms end up in the Nine Hells – aside from Faustian bargains?