Halaster kills himself performing a ritual. In 1492, we find he is still alive. How did he survive?

Would there be many Dragonborn Rogues and how would they play out? Shadowy sneaks or Kingdom spies/assassins?

I read the old Baldur’s Gate books, were you much consulted during their writing, or are they self-directed?

Did Volo ever get his “Volo’s Complete Guide to the Behavior of Nymphs” published?

Do you know if the Enclave (that cabal of wizards of Unther) survived the Spellplague?

Where are some of the best horses from in the Forgotten Realms?

Cormyr: I remember reading there were “basic” and “royal, gold-leafed” adventuring charters, what is the difference?

Aside from the 3 core books, which AD&D 2nd ed books are worth getting in your opinion?