How would you adapt the “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” campaign starting at level 5 after “Starter Set”?

How much would those stucco and terraced homes on Tharsult cost? What would average property prices be on the island?

Do you know of any Forgotten Realms lore with multi racial dragons say if a green and black dragon mated and their offspring was a mixture of both colors?

Wait…Forgotten Realms existed before TSR bought it? That means FR was still not canon until after it was bought?

Yamun Khahan and the tuigan people: can you tell us a little bit about the story behind it?

The Plane of Radiance, which existed between the Plane of Fire and Positive Energy Plane pre-spellplagu

Could you detail any historic zulkirs who once held Talos as their favoured deity?

Can you help me with naming a dragon? Here’s a list of dragons of the Realms who haven’t yet appeared in print!