Does the symbol on the cover of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book mean anything?

Volo’s been a wizard for a long time, has he authored any spells of his own?

Is the Arcane Brotherhood back in power in Luskan ? Are they pushing some evil plots?

Am I correct in guessing that Helion Moonstar is the son/grandson of Rober Moonstar? If so, who is his Drow mother?

What is exact difference between peace that Kelemvor and his realm brings to the souls and Raven Queen’s feelinglessness?

I’ve been trying to layer the two maps of the Forgotten Realms: The Sword Coast and Underdark

Do you by chance have an idea of what current year it is in the Forgotten Realms?

Do the Forgotten Realms even have such thing as depression? If there is one how mortals deal with it? And can a god be depressed?