Which arcane institution resides in Neverwinter in the 1490s?

I wish to witness Baelnorn

How common is someone who feels compassion toward even “monsters”? Like taking pity on Kobolds…

Ed, it seems that in your home Realms, some ordinary people had little “wild magic talent”. Was it everybody? Was it only one power by person?

Did the Duke of Kamlann (Tethyr) Inselm Hhune and Lucia (Thione) Hhune have any kids?

Can you give us any update on the Wyvernspur clan? How is Immersea doing?

How long would humanity be around close to the tear fall that saw dragons come to the Forgotten Realms?

I was wondering if we might delve a little into the psyche of one Gwaeron Windstrom, Troll-troller extraordinaire