Is there a un/known order of specifically undead slayers in the Forgotten Realms?

In the Isles west of the Sword Coast, which part are the most likely to have a forgotten sea temple where an Aboleth could lurk?

Are any of the major cities in the North/Savage Frontier loosely modeled after any major Canadian cities?

Does Eveningstar have a coat of arms circa 1367?

I was wondering if there’s a different energy used in Divine spells vs Arcane?

Magic above level 9 was cut off. Is it true that this is only applies to individual spellcasters and that a group of archmagi could achieve 10th level or higher?

How much the Kryptgarden forest has shrunk in recent years, and its proximity to Ieirithymbul, have Claugiyliamatar and Palarandusk had any run ins?

Where else would be a good source to quickly look for lore on many different topics of the Forgotten Realms?