If a D&D rule has more than one sentence, all the sentences matter if you’re interested in what the rule really says. No cherry-picking.

When attacking do you have to issue a command to any companion creatures to attack?

Ranger pets seem like a touchy subject at a lot of tables I’ve been to. Players seem to feel like the pets are an extension of their character

So all of those creatures in the Monster Manual are monks…

If the target is truly unaware of the attacker, how can he then get an initiative roll at all before the attacker reveals himself?

Sidekicks UA: is that still playtest or is what made it into the Essentials Kit the final version?

If a character passively perceives one monster but doesn’t perceive another; is it “surprised” at all?

Why did you give the Bladesinger extra attack, and on the same page suggest it should take Green-Flame Blade?