Does Chill Touch prevent a creature from gaining temporary hit points?

If a D&D rule modifies another rule, it modifies only what it says it modifies

Can psionics be affected by anti-magic. Like the anti-magic cone from a Beholder?

Is a Wizard unable to regain spell slots after completing a long rest when affected by Nightmare Haunting (MM 178)?

Can any of these spells help me escape a Wall of Force?

Wall of Force vs Teleport spells.

Can any of these help me escape a wall of force?
1. Shadow Step
2. Misty Step
3. Teleport
5. Teleportation Circle
6. Dimension Door

Is an undead considered a “Living creature”?

In D&D, making multiple attacks with weapons, fists, claws, horns, and the like is usually done via the Extra Attack feature and the Multiattack action

PC has Helm of Comprehend Languages. He wargs into his familiar Owl. Owl flies ahead, sees writing in Infernal. Can the PC read that via the Helm?