Is the Magic Tattoo Coverage table from Tasha’s intended to limit how many tattoos you can have at one time?

Is it true there is no longer a “Hold” action in 5e?

The Point of Origin of a Self Area of Effect isn’t considered a target?

Magic Resistance: does it only affect Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws, or does it affect a saving throw for any ability score?

Given the DragonMarks are subraces, does this mean the Artificer’s Magic Item Savant allows you to ignore them?

If you were to put a Quori to sleep, where would it go, could another quori invade its dream?

Does the monetary value of the component now negate being able to use your Pact of the Blade weapon or Shadow Blade in conjunction with Booming Blade?

When a D&D rule uses the word “can” it means you are able to do the thing