So Dash can or cannot be taken twice in a turn?

20 thoughts on “So Dash can or cannot be taken twice in a turn?

  1. Melissia says:

    The rules say: “When you take the Dash action, you gain extra movement for the current turn. The increase equals your speed, after applying any modifiers. With a speed of 30 feet, for example, you can move up to 60 feet on your turn if you dash.”

    So for a Monk with 40ft move due to unarmored movement, you can:
    Move 40ft
    Dash 40ft
    Ki point to dash 40ft
    For a total of 120 movement speed.

    Same goes for a rogue who runs 90 feet due to dashing twice.

      • James says:

        Yes, with haste you can dash three times, and at double speed. So rogue would get 60 (standard movement) + 60 (action dash) + 60 (haste action dash) + 60 (cunning action dash) for 240ft of movement in one turn.

        It’s considerably more effective on a monk though, even changing the base move speed to 40 changes the final speed to 320ft. At level 6, your max is 360ft. Level 10; 400ft. Level 14; 440ft. Level 80; 480ft. If you’re a Tabaxi, that can be doubled for one turn to 960ft.

        It can go much higher with magic items, but this is already really fast.

  2. giuseppe says:

    So, if my total speed is 30ft and I move 20ft. Does my dash give me and additional 30′ or an extra 10?

    • tideoftime says:

      It would give you an additional 30ft (whatever your base speed is) as additional movement. (How much/little of your Movement you use has no bearing on the movement provided by Dash, Step of the Wind, or similar, unless a specific feature explicitly says that it does.)

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