So Dash can or cannot be taken twice in a turn?

20 thoughts on “So Dash can or cannot be taken twice in a turn?

  1. Michael says:

    why is it only 90′ if using dash as a bonus action lets you move 30 then another 30 and then you use your action to dash why wouldn’t it be another 30 +30 for a total of 120′ that’s what makes sense to me

  2. Michael says:

    that doesn’t explain why I was under the assumption that the dash action let you move your speed twice so if uses as a bonus action ten as an action why wouldn’t that be a total of 4 moves it seems the way its written that’s how i understand it

  3. Michael says:

    ok i re read it and i see my mistake but let me ask this if the rogue used cunning action to dash could he then also move and attack essentially moving 90 feet base on a base speed of 30

  4. I’m sorry ya’all, I’m apparently afoul of the officials here, but I think something broke somewhere: Why doesn’t the general concept of “effects don’t stack” apply here, the “Dash” having been used once in place of an action?

    I just think there *must* be some oversight here, because this makes a typical L3 Rogue capable of simply outrunning a Unicorn (speed 50 feet) and even an Ancient Red Dragon – whose *flying* speed is only 80 feet.

    So, you just nerfed the whole Monster Manual. Except Djinnn, maybe.

    Hate me for it, but at my table you get to add the effects of “Dash” once per movement – whether you got it from trading in your action for Dash or because you’ve got Cunning Action. Either way there’s no tripling-down on Dashes.

    Flatly, I love 5E but this part’s brokeded.

    • Sam says:

      I agree with this sentiment and think it seems broken, though it is worth considering that 90 feet in 6 seconds is only about 10 miles/hour.

    • Rogue: move 30 = action Dash 30 = Cunning action Dash = 90ft and done, no actions left
      Unicorn move 50 = action Dash 50 = 100ft and I’ve just passed the rogue.
      This does not seem broken.

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