New Eberron supplement: Morgrave Miscellany! New Subclasses, Races, Feats, Dragonmarks, and more!


Eberron: Morgrave Miscellany

Morgrave Miscellany is the much anticipated supplement to Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron  that comes to you by way of its co-authors Keith Baker & Ruty Rutenberg.

New subclasses: Path of the Extreme Explorer, The College of Keys, Sovereign Domain, Circle of the Arbiter, Bone Knight, Vigilante, Way of The Argent Fist, Oath of Sacrament, Field Marshal, Divine Herald, Progenitor Spark, Pact of the Host and School of Antiquities.

 …and the new races… the Dragonforged!


Spells on the Dungeon Master’s spell list include: conceal die roll, extra monster, grant…

Is there a sociological difference between a Wild Elf from the Moonshaes vs … Elvencourt, say?

Does the Lucky feat replace a roll even if the text doesn’t explicitly use the word replace?

“Writing helps you remember details”