Matt Mercer DM Tips: How To Create Non-Player Characters for RPGs

With a Potion of Maximum Power you can guarantee a <5th level casting of Chaos Bolt always jumps to a new target if one is available?

I was wondering if we might delve a little into the psyche of one Gwaeron Windstrom, Troll-troller extraordinaire

What is the symbol of Silverymoon’s Conclave?

What going on in Whitehorn, in the west of The Ride?

2013 Fun Fact: I wrote a novel

So the symbols of the Houses are all things like unicorns, gorgons, chimeras… Are these actually mythical creatures or are they simply very rare on Khorvaire?

If a cleric of the Silver Flame from Eberron ended up in Faerun, would he keep his divine powers?