Unerring Accuracy is the only ability that refers to “monk weapons” instead of “kensei weapons” – is that an error?

Can you give your opinion on the Order of Operations a 14th level half orc barbarian Zealot would follow when they hit 0 HP?

Why no shield proficiency for College of Swords Bards despite getting the “Dueling” fighting style?

Maddening Hex, does the psychic damage trigger off of every target cursed by you within range?

I’m curious about the design intent by having Identifying a Spell take a reaction/action

A bard uses mantle of inspiration first in combat. Would this give all players 2 reactions in the first round?

Psychic Scream is written as requiring a Somatic component, shouldn’t it be Verbal?

Storm Aura is a magical effect, does that mean it can be considered casting a spell?