UA: Spell-less Ranger

Spell-less Ranger (or Strider) article is in Unearthed Arcana article, you can find  here:


Firearms in 5e Modern campaign

Dan Helmick is a d20 modern fan.

In this article there are some tweaks to adapt d20 Modern Core Rulebook to 5e rules:

Rules for 5e modern:

  • Light Armor – Heavy coat, Leather jacket, Kevlar-lined coat, Undercover vest
  • Medium Armor – Concealable vest, Light-duty vest, Tactical vest
  • Heavy Armor – Land Warrior armor, Forced entry unit
  • New Damage type: Ballistic damage
  • Aim Action
  • Firearm Proficiencies by Class

If you are looking for the official d20 Modern System Reference Document you can find All-in-One MSRD Download here:

Dan is also answering on d20Modern here:

How to modify your character class – Strider Ranger and Favored Soul

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Master Rodney forged a helpful guide on How to customize your character class, with advices and examples.

Every single class has a guideline to alter key features with care.

You can try two new modfied classes:

  • Ranger with no spells like Strider from the Lord of the Rings
  • Sorcerer Favored Soul from 3.5 edition Complete Divine

Ready for YOUR character class?