Barbarian, Path of the Beast: Claws since it doesn’t have the Light property, I can’t Two Weapon Fighting, correct?

If jumping costs movement, and a feature lets me extend my jump distance beyond what my speed is, would I then be hovering mid-air if I try to jump beyond my speed in a round?

Barbarian, Path of the Beast: if you’re a race that already has a tail does that tail simply become more lethal if you choose that option?

I like the Warlock noble genie patron an their powers even though I’m still unsure on how D&D handles Djinn in their rules

Warlock, the Noble Genie: the more powerful a warlock you are, the harder it is to get your genie to do you a solid?

Barbarian, Path of the Beast: do the modifiers apply for the barbarian natural weapons?

Four New subclasses for D&D: Path of the Beast, Way of Mercy, Oath of the Watchers and the Noble Genie!