How many ball bearings can we fit in the Genie Pact’s Bottled Respite?

I admit the last version of the Genie Warlock was a little awkward

Three New Subclassess: The Phantom Rogue, The Genie Warlock and The Order of Scribes Wizard!

Three subclasses reappear today in Unearthed Arcana, each with a new form!

Psionics Options Revisited, Spells & Magic Tattoos, Summon spells with Jeremy Crawford!

NEW Psionic Options Revisited 2020!

This unearthed Arcana is for you! Enjoy the Psi Knight, Soulknife, Psionic Soul and New Spells!


Magical Tattoo: is the intention that you’d just find the magic needle and then once its identified be able to give yourself the tattoo?