PHB Variants: Would using an atlatl count as using a thrown weapon (for Thrown Weapon Fighting). If so, how would you stat one?

Jeremy Crawford: We haven’t closed the door on a class like Mystic/Psion

Psionic Rogue: Soulknife explained by Jeremy Crawford – Unearthed Arcana

The way the Rune Knight is flavored makes me kinda uncomfortable

Eldritch Armor: How the hell does this work in the fiction? It pops on you out of thin air?

With the new UA for Class Features, if you are a Warlock/Bard multiclass, do you have the ability to switch a bard spell and a warlock spell every night or just one?

3 New Psionic subclasses for Fighter, Rogue and Wizard: Psychic Warrior, Soulknife and Psionic! – Unearthed Arcana

Mystic Warriors!
3 new subclasses arrive in today’s Unearthed Arcana: the Psychic Warrior for the fighter, the Soulknife for the rogue, and the tradition of Psionics for the wizard.