Barbarian, Path of the Beast: Would the barbarian claws be eligible for two-weapon fighting if you take the Dual Wielder feat?

Paladin, Oath of the Watchers: paladin 7th level feature feels a bit lacklustre to some of the auras the other paladins get. Any chance this will be revised?

Does any of the new Fighting Style in the Class Feature Variant UA are available for the College of Swords Bard?

If a bugbear’s long limbed trait adds to the reach of a weapon with reach, does it add reach to melee weapons without it?

If jumping costs movement, and a feature lets me extend my jump distance beyond what my speed is, would I then be hovering mid-air if I try to jump beyond my speed in a round?

Barbarian, Path of the Beast: if you’re a race that already has a tail does that tail simply become more lethal if you choose that option?