Elemental Evil Clerics and Monks

Free Elemental Evil Player’s Companion!


Heroes! Elemental Evil Campaign has begun!

Now you can start to create your new characters for Princes of the Apocalypse adventure for FREE, here you can find the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion download:


The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion provides everything players need to build a character that is tied directly into the Elemental Evil storyline.

New Race options include:

  • Aarakocra
  • Deep gnome
  • Genasi
  • Goliath

New amazing spells that put the elements directly at your command as:

  • Control flames
  • Gust
  • the famous Aganazzar’s scorcher
  • Maximilian’s earthen grasp
  • Epic Snilloc’s snowball swarm
  • Melf’s minute meteors
  • Abi-Dalzim’s horrid wilting

The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, was original designed by Richard Baker, Robert J. Schwalb and Stephen Schubert, with additional design and development by Wizards D&D R&D. The cover features a fantastic illustration by Raymond Swanland.

“Disclaimer: For safe utilization of elemental magic, remember the following guidelines. You can drink water but not fire. You can breathe air but not earth. You can walk on earth but not on water (unless you have the right pair of boots or spell). You can do a lot of things with fire, but almost all of them are bad ideas.”

Evil comes in many forms: The 4 Princes of the Apocalypse

The King of Dungeon Masters, Chris Perkins, gives a blast from the past, something from an ancient tome called Fiend Folio: here are described the four Elemental Princes of Evil that will be in the upcoming campaign adventure Princes of the Apocalypse.

Master Chris is giving suggest me another thought : Princes of the Apocalypse adventure narrates about 4 Elemental Evil Prophets that are linked with their Princes of Evil, here their connection:

If you want to dig in the knowledge about The Four Elemental Princes of Evil you need to search their alias: The Archomental.
In Planescape settings there’s the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III that well describes all of them and their relationship with the Tharizdun/The Dark God/Elder Elemental God, they are powerful but not demigod, they grant spell to their followers and yes, they can be slain.

If you want to play now a good prequel of Prince of the Apocalypse you can play Egg of the Phoenix adventure module where player characters must recover a powerful artifact and save an entire land from destruction by the Princes of the Elemental Evil.

Other references about four Princes are

There’s only an unanswered question:  where’s the fifth prince? The real son of the Elder Elemental God, Cryonax, Prince of Evil Cold Creatures???

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