Is there a chance for a Chosen of Mystra to be evil-natured, or are they exclusively non-evil?

In Volo’s Guide to Monsters, do the Mind Flayer psion’s spells replace the normal Mind Flayer’s innate spells?

Spell Bottle: the bottle can capture a spell of ANY level from a creature, despite the earlier limit of up to 5th level. Is this intentional?

Would you be so generous as to lay a little Gwaeron lore on us all as a bit of fun?

When casting Temporal Shunt at 6+, if one of the additional creatures is concentrating on a spell, are they able to maintain concentration through time?

Why is there such a detailed system for dragon capturing and selling in the 1987 FR campaign set?

If someone was reborn via Luxon could they be born into a new body of the opposite sex?

If a dragon had its mouth held shut, while an ally was inside its mouth, would it be able to use its breath attack inside its mouth?