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D&D for Kids – Monster Slayers: Champions of the Elements


Kid Masters!
You can download your official epic adventure module here:

A Dungeons & Dragons® Adventure for Ages 6 and Up

Dragon+ Magazine 2



Dragon Slayers!

A new Dragon + is here and it has an amazing cover picture

Open your smartphone or tablet and will load the Dragon+ number 2.

In this issue:

  • History of Dungeons&Dragons Videogames
  • Details on Sword Coast Legends and Companion Gallery
  • The Winter King” a Short Fiction by Chris Avellone
  • Insights on Fantasy Grounds  RPG software
  • Interview with Ed Greenwood
  • Dice rolling Rituals that reveal unusual relationship with your dices
  • DnD Adventure League News
  • Gauntlet Gopher” Comic strip by Scott Kurtz