155 New Short Adventures: One Page Dungeon Contest 2020!

I am proud to announce 155 new short adventures from the One Page Dungeon Contest 2020 FOR FREE!


This year, the contest saw more than 150 adventure with maps on a single page. You can find any kind of adventures from Dwarven mines, a prison airship, eldritch towers, a star ship, the afterlife, and everything in-between! Very useful for a one shot of few hours and for beginners who want something to start with. All adventures are compatible with any game system, so let’s take a look!

If you want to support this fantastic contest grab the 2020 COMPENDIUM!

How often do you play music when you run a RPG session?

What was the fate of Zeboaster the Blunt?

Hey Ed! I read one of your articles in Dragon that mentions Elminster liking junkfood from Earth

In Rising From the Last War there is this interesting art that shows what look like TV Screens?

What do you think happens when Riedran patrols foray into Adar’s borders, spend the night and don’t have ‘The Dream’?!