Corpse: creature or object?

6 thoughts on “Corpse: creature or object?

  1. “A non-undead corpse isn’t considered a creature. It’s effectively an object.”

    What about an undead that has yet to perish? Are they both corpse and creature yet not an object?

  2. NewGuyG says:

    But does an undead count as a dead humanoid? What would happen if someone cast resurrection on a zombie? Would the spell work and res the person or would you have to kill the zombie to turn it back into a corpse?

  3. Aarndal says:

    An undead is technically not a dead humanoid. Humanoids and undead are two separate creature types. An undead could for example have the human or elf subtype, but would still count as an undead.

    Resurrection doesn’t work on undead (zombies included).

    “You touch a dead creature [..] that isn’t undead.” – Basic Rules, pg. 272, Resurrection

    So yes, you have to kill the zombie first to bring back the soul into its old body.

    A zombie is btw. a body infused by some kind of necromantic magic (as described in the Monster Manual). It’s not a body inhabited by a soul of a deceased humanoid.

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