Can you twin spell with Green-Flame blade?

4 thoughts on “Can you twin spell with Green-Flame blade?

  1. carlosmoya79 says:

    If Booming Blade can be twinned, it means that you make two weapon attacks (one per target), right?

  2. hakon says:

    it says in the spell description as part of the attack you must make an attack against 1 creature.
    the secondary effect if just that, a secondary effect. it happens after the spell has hit 1 target.

    just like if you put down a cloud of daggers and twin it, each targeting one creature, if they leave the square and another enemy enters then it has hit more then one creature. but you can’t undo the twining, it happened in the past.

    In this case the spell can only target one creature, since you can’t target a second creature with the effect until you have successfully cast the spell and hit the creature with it.

    Therefore Jeremy Crawford is wrong, and i know many dm’s rule against his call.

    • tideoftime says:

      It’s not that JC is wrong — it’s that many people are misunderstanding the context-application of how Twinning works. If the spell in question — *any* spell — is capable of targeting two or more creatures with an effect, directly or indirectly, (not whether it *does* or *doesn’t* in-actuality when it is cast, but is it *capable* of doing so), then it can’t be Twinned. (You couldn’t Twin CoD, btw, because it, too, is capable of targeting more than one creature with its effect.)

      This isn’t the same metaphysical process/restriction as with, for example, the Warcaster feat’s opportunity attack with a spell: the wording/metaphysics in that case is different; as so long as the spell used isn’t an AE, it *can* be a potentially multi-targeting spell (Magic Missile, Scorching Ray, etc.) so long as all applicable attacks/effects target only the triggering creature. That’s not the metaphysics-in-play with Twinning a spell. For that, it can *only* be a spell that can *only* have a single target-of-effect, period.

      (Crawford has made some mistakes on occasion and has equally dropped the ball on explaining certain metaphysical concepts so that players/DMs can better understand the RAW/RAI as-explained — trust me, I’ve posted a number of eyebrow-archers at a few of his posts — but this *isn’t* one of those posts. He’s spot-on correct with this one.)

      • Invidius says:

        I think Green Flame Blade is viable as a twinned spell RAW. In the spells description it only says it targets the first creature and therefore it can be twinned at least RAW.
        Yes it is not possible to twin CoD, but not because it affects multiple targets. Its not possible because it targets no creature and to be capable of being twinned a spell must target one creature.
        I get the point of twinning not being possible for spells, that target multiple creatures indirectly. But if you take this to an extreme point even Haste could not be twinned, because the second action gained can be used to attack creatures and therefore would affect more than one creature.
        Now every DM can rule twinned gfb as he/she wishes, but in my opinion it should be possible. Yes it is strong, yes the Draconic bloodline Sorcerer can deal 1d4+4d8+30 damage at level 6 (at least if the player rolled good stats), but its quite situational and the squishy sorcerer will probably become target #1 for any enemy that just saw two of its allys getting cut down by a force eqal to a lasersword. (Anybody ever wanted to build Darth Vader in DnD? This is the way to go XD)

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