If I cast Green-Flame Blade and use Divine Smite, does the smite apply to both creatures?

If my Green-Flame Blade is Counterspelled, do I still get to make a normal melee attack

How would Fire Elemental Affinity apply to Green-flame blade

Green-Flame Blade uses the CAST A SPELL action, not the ATTACK action

Sage Advice – April 2016 – Green-Flame Blade explained!



Master Jeremy released a new Sage Advice about Class Features and Spells questions:

  • Great Weapon Fighting and Divine Smite or Hex
  • Warlock pact of the Blade
  • Green-Flame Balde and Booming Blade I hope that will clear any doubts
  • Moonbeam area and moving creatures

Every answer is here in the Sage Advice Compendium:


or you can read his article here


Are Booming blade and Green-flame blade part of the attack action?