Is it possible to Twin Spell Dragon Breath or Booming Blade?

5 thoughts on “Is it possible to Twin Spell Dragon Breath or Booming Blade?

    • Well a) It is D&D. Every game is unique. In your game you are the law. B) I think if you want to play the rules as written and want to play them exactly as they are meant to be you will be forced to play them as Jeremy says. He knows how the rules of the game, which he kinda designs, are intended.

      • Ted W says:

        to be fair, twinned spell specifically says “incapable of targeting more than one creature.” Dragon’s breath, at casting, targets one creature. that’s where the confusion is, the discussion isnt about affecting, its about targeting.

      • Samuel says:

        That’s not actually rules as written but rules as intended. I’d argue that if you’re asking him for clarification it’s more about his intelligence as a game designer and game master then just us the person who wrote it since he has said many times he will not change rules on Sage Advice. Right now he’s applying rules inconsistently and I, like any other English speaker, have the right to argue with him about what those words mean.

  1. Griff says:

    The fact is, if it were an instant, one time effect of Dragons breath, essentially giving an attack to someone else on your turn, then I would agree with Jeremy, but as it’s a continuous effect that takes that creatures action, rather than the casters, to make an effect, than the target is a single creature and can be twinned.

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