Can a charmed creature cast fireball near the charmer?

2 thoughts on “Can a charmed creature cast fireball near the charmer?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Ahh, but Lightning Bolt doesn’t!

    Fireball does indeed say “a target takes 8d6 fire damage”, but Lightning Bolt only states that “a creature takes 8d6 lightning damage” if it is within the affected area.

    In fact, a number of other 3rd Level area of effect damage spells don’t classify affected creatures as targets. Melf’s Minute Meteor’s, Erupting Earth, Call Lightning, Hunger of Hadar, Spirit Guardians, Tidal Wave, Wind Wall…

    In fact, so far as I can tell, Fireball is the ONLY such spell which designates creatures in the area of effect as targets of the spell.

    How odd.

    • addisonbleu says:

      quit being pedantic. if you’re charmed you won’t do anything that would possibly hurt your “best friend”.

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