Monks walk on water: can they do this over multiple turns?

3 thoughts on “Monks walk on water: can they do this over multiple turns?

  1. Jeffery says:

    Does this mean it can only be used in combat or is the distance limited to the amount the monk can move in a turn? For example move + dash. Or can it be used over greater distances out of combat?

    • Frae says:

      My DM argues that you can only have the ki focused on moving across the water in short bursts, like being able to hold your breath for 6 seconds. Then you take a quick exhale-inhale, and do it again. In this time you lose the benefit and fall into the water, before being able to gather your ki again for the same purpose.

  2. Morgan says:

    I’d rule that you can move over several turns, as long as you don’t do anything else than move during your initiative, else you go sploosh.

    Imo characters aren’t stop-motion cartoons that freeze as soon as their turn is up, as long as they state they will keep moving. An entire turn is somewhat simultaneous anyways, the initiative order is just to keep track of things, and who might do their thing a wee bit faster than another.

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