What your thoughts were on how to set Greyhawk, Dragonlance and Mystara?

CommentMike, thank you for joining us.

You mentioned in the past how you want each setting to have its own niche to set it apart. I was wondering what your thoughts were on how to set Greyhawk, Dragonlance, and Mystara apart from the Realms.

Also, when are we going to see Dragonlance and Spelljammer again?

mikemearls17 points20 days ago
Can’t give dates, but what I see:

Dragonlance: Emphasis on relationships, love, and epic events
Greyhawk: Imminent evil powers like Iuz, a darker flavor for D&D
Mystara: Classic pulp fantasy, fueled by adventures like the Isle of Dread and The Lost City from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

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