UA Brute: does Brute Force work with unarmed or no?

One thought on “UA Brute: does Brute Force work with unarmed or no?

  1. D. Walker says:

    I really don’t understand why this is a necessary distinction for the rules to make.

    Why should fists / elbows / knees / et cetera NOT count as weapons? What problems arise from allowing that? Unarmed is already flatly inferior to a weapon in all cases that don’t involve a Monk. Why does it ALSO need to not count as a weapon for the purposes of abilities like these?

    Put another way, what mechanical balance does this provide that makes up for the limitation of player choice in terms of style and aesthetics? What’s the practical upshot that counteracts the obvious downsides? Because so far, I’ve yet to discover one.

    It just seems like a senseless limitation that exists for no reason.

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