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  1. Dru Nemeton says:

    As the OP of that question the final answer is, “No it cannot be twinned”.

    That’s because Twin Spell specifically states that it works on spells that only target one “creature”, and Catapult grabs an object.

  2. I believe differently. Otherwise, almost no spell in the game that ‘targets a creature’ or more than one creature, could target say a door. As that is an object, not a creature.

    • To further support this, here is a list of spells just from the PHB, that you can’t target on an inanimate object (such as a door, or the canvas of a tent to cause it to catch fire or anything else, not specifically combat related) if you take the words, “target creature” to literally mean it ONLY can target a creature.

      Acid Splash, Chill Touch, Chromatic Orb, Divine Word, Eldritch Blast, Harm, Inflict Wounds, Magic Missile, Poison Spray, Ray of enfeeblement, Ray of Frost, Ray of Sickness, Sacred Flame, Thorn Whip, Vampiric Touch, Witch Bolt.

      Some of these make some amount of sense, such as Vampiric Touch. However what doesn’t make sense is that a Vampiric touch can’t harm a door, but the next turn when the same door is animated, then it CAN.

      In addition, other spells, if we take the word creature to ONLY mean creatures and not objects, than these spells work differently than most would think;

      Counterspell, targets the creature, not the spell, so if the target is not easy to affect with magic, that might protect its spell.

      Entangle, produces entangling vines that fill the area, grabbing at creatures in the area, making it difficult terrain, but if a solitary object, even a large object like a shield is in the area, the vines would not wrap it up at all, meaning that picking items up off the ground filled with entangling vines is no harder than if the area was barren.

      Featherfall could not be used on a breakable object the group was trying to protect once it was thrown off the side of a building.

      Gust of Wind, affects creatures in the area, and blows out flames, and disperses gases and vapors, yet it does not rustle a curtain at all (object).

      Polymorph could not be used to change an object to another object.

      Spiritual Weapon, could not target an object, such as the ropes tying a comrade up.

      Web clings to PCs and creatures in the areas, but unattended objects aren’t clung to at all.

      Obviously some of these descriptions enter the realm of the stupid, but that is the point in trying to say that ANY Spell that says it targets a creature, could not be used to target something else that makes sense.

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