Harengon race official answers by Jeremy Crawford

When a harengon uses Rabbit Hop, does the trait’s jump expend movement?
The Rabbit Hop trait lets a harengon jump as a bonus action, and that jump doesn’t consume any of the harengon’s normal movement. That fact is why the trait has a limited number of uses between long rests. If you compare the wording of Rabbit Hop to the wording of the long and high jump rules in the Player’s Handbook, you’ll see that those rules explicitly expend movement, whereas Rabbit Hop doesn’t.

Is Rabbit Hop a high jump or a long jump?
The jump of Rabbit Hop is neither a high jump nor a long jump. If it were either, its text would say so.

Does the jump spell benefit Rabbit Hop? Yes, the jump spell can affect the jump distance of Rabbit Hop. If you cast that spell on a harengon, enjoy the magnificent leaps!

Are you required to jump the full distance of Rabbit Hop? You don’t have to jump the full distance of Rabbit Hop when you use it. We will clarify that intent in future printings of the Rabbit Hop trait.

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