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  1. Rosa Sasha Hijne says:

    If I wish to cast a spell that says “Target a willing creature that you can see”
    Could I cast this spell on myself?
    If the answer is no, Could I use an item like a mirror for example to cast it on myself?

    • Vetis says:

      you can target yourself, unless you have been blinded, if you’re blind you cant target yourself if the spell says you can see in it.

  2. Jamin Harvey says:

    If an intellect devourer uses its namesake move and the target fails the check and is stunned. when the target gains 1 intelligence back does its normal intelligence number return; or is the INT of 1 become the standard?

  3. Jonathan Schuping says:

    New to DnD. Looking at doing something different than all my friends. Did some research and landed on the following: I’d like to make a Tortle Blood Hunter. Of course, I’ve learned that backstory is important. My initial idea was to return from an adventure to find my home settlement ravaged by a monster. As a swamp-dwelling Razorback, I chose Hydra as the monster. Now, my question is regarding the Hunter’s Bane. Does/Can that involve anything to do with a specific creature I’d prefer to hunt? If so, what kind of side effects could incur from such a concoction? I’m trying not to overwhelm my DM with outlandish nonsense while still creating something unique that my partymates will talk about for campaigns to come.
    Thanks for considering my idea.

  4. Vetis says:

    Im having a debate and need 3rd party ruling. can a 1wiz/19cleric cast Power Word Kill from a scroll without doing the spellcasting ability check? I know they have the level 9 spell slots but they dont have the ability to cast lvl 9 wizard spells

  5. Kazin says:

    Thunerstep says that you can teleport with and item, can you run up to a wizard, grab his staff and then teleport away with it?

  6. Mark Fett says:

    Would a ground cable work against a lightning spell/attack?

    I’m going to fight a blue dragon in a campaign, and my character have a pure metal shield, I was wondering if he plant the shield on the ground and hide behind it if he could escape the dragon’s breath unharmed, would this work?

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